Rick Parnell Music

Online sellers of the music:
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Collaborators, supporters and friends:
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May be the best studio in BC for independent singer songwriters. Producer, Ian Lopez-Ganoza has both studio space and mobile recording equipment for live performances.
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John Parnell's studio in Calgary is Rick Parnell's go to source for album covers. The UP studio has an impressive collection of paintings, ceramics, posters and more.
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Carl Korytko, founder and owner of TKO music and amazing musician who collaborated on two songs for "Imperfect Beauty".
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Accomplished guitarist Graham Ronne who produced and performed on Rick Parnell's first EP, "One Eye Open".
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Harriet Frost is a BC singer/songwriter who has collaborated with Rick and the band on several performances and venue development, and is featured in a duet with Rick on "Survive the Day"

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Often an early sounding board for new songs, and solid supporters.
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The Beat Merchant and its owner Frankie have been solid supporters of local independent artists for years. This is one of the best recorded music and memorabilia stores around.
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Stonebridge Guitars supports The Rick Parnell Band as a "Collaborating Artist." These guitars with their simple design and brilliant sound have become the instrument of choice for recording as well as performance.
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The Museum of Canadian Music researches, collects, preserves and promotes Canadian Music.